Terms and Conditions


  • Ask for permission before use.
  • Don't make changes to the photo.
  • Credit the photographer properly.

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Obtaining permission for use, as well as crediting photographer when using others' images on social media, blog or website is important.


  • Because someone has planned, traveled, and spent time taking the photo.
  • Because someone has spent time editing the photo.
  • Because someone has invested in equipment to take that photo.
  • Because photos are automatically protected according to intellectual property law and the Berne Convention.
  • Because crediting the photographer is a right enshrined in the intellectual property law.
  • Because someone owns the photo. The photo is not yours - the photo belongs to the photographer.


  • Photo(s) from Sportfoto cannot be used without an agreement.
  • The photo should not be changed, cropped or further edited. Use the photo in its original form.


  • Correct photo credit means crediting the photographer well visible in the caption, as a link on the picture in stories, or in comment fields.
    Photo: Sportfoto
  • On Instagram, it is not ok just tagging the photo. Most do not see these as they are hidden and require you to click on the photo to see it.
  • If the photographer has an Instagram or Facebook account, make the name clickable to the profile page.
    Photo: @sportfoto.no
  • Photos with purchased usage rights and watermarked images must also be credited.

Consequences of illegal use of photos / missing credit

  • If the photo is used without an agreement or purchased right of use, the use will be invoiced. The fee depends on usage and situation. Minimum price for illegal use is NOK 1,790, - per photo.
  • Lack of credit is invoiced in the same way as illegal use.

If you have the rights of use in order, credited correctly and not altered the photograph, I'll be happy to see the photo on your page.

Best regards
Morten Mitchell Larød

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